My game crashes or won't load! (Android)

Some steps for an improved overall performance of your device: 
1. Freeing up some of your device's memory by going to Settings --> Apps --> Running may help. Select and stop any applications that are unnecessarily running in the background. Removing widgets also serves the same purpose. 
2.  Make sure that your device has enough free storage space, as having an overstuffed device can potentially result in crashes, slowdowns, and other unexpected issues.  Enter your Settings > Storage.  Delete any unnecessary apps, videos or other big files that are just using up storage capacity.  
3. Check if your device's version of Android is up to date by entering Settings > About. Check for any potential software updates. 
4.  Have you tried turning it off and on again? As with many things, restarting your device and reentering the game may help.   
5. Make sure that you're playing on a stable internet connection (preferably WiFi, 3G or 4G). You can also try resetting your network settings by turning Airplane mode on. 
6. Turn off unused Bluetooth connections (unless, of course, they're required for your internet access).
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