I didn't receive my Gems! (iOS)

Most transactions go smoothly. However, an answer from Apple's store might be delayed or might result in errors. This is why it can occasionally take a little while for your purchase to be delivered, so please be patient just a little longer and don't lose hope. Whatever you do, do not purchase your Gems again as your previous purchase might still be processed, and you would end up with two or more purchases.
What you can do instead is to try restarting the game and see if the server just needed a fresh connection in order to deliver the diamonds. To do so, simply follow these steps: 
  • Press your home button
  • "Swipe away" Evoker (to the top)
  • Restart Evoker

If you still have not received your Gems after more than 24 hours, we recommend that you contact iTunes Support. They will check what went wrong and will hopefully help you fix your problem.

You can also check your iTunes Purchase History and report an issue directly there.

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