Happy Hour, Promotions & Special Offers

Happy Days have different effects on the game. 
Get The Best Cards
50% off cards in Booster Packs 

Infinite Wisdom
+50% experience for your cards

Yes, it IS a Card Piece
50% off Card Piece completion price

Heroes Package
50% off Gem packages

Gold Rush
50% more Gold

The Big Drinking Contest
50% off Potion prices   

Day of the Tournament
50% bonus tournament points

We can't tell you when your next Happy Hour will show up and what it will be. Just see for yourself!

Promotions & Special Offers
We sometimes offer Gem Promotions to our players. These offers are scheduled by the system and we can't tell you when the next sale will happen.

Special Offers (Bundles with tokens and potions), are offered to our players at specific level achievements. You can get them while they are there, because they will disappear the moment you don't buy them.
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