Card Fusion

Good Card Fusion (or Evolution) is what separates the strong from the weak in Evoker!

Every card has a level and an Fusion Stage, marked by a "+" after its card name. The higher the Fusion Stage, the more levels the card can gain, and, with each level, the card grows stronger.There are four Fusion Stages for every card.
Fusing cards
To fuse two cards, go to the Fuse tab in the deck management screen. 
Once you select one card, the menu will show all suitable cards that you can fuse that card with. You can only fuse a card with the exact same type and fusion level.
Be aware: Don't fuse a card by accident! You can lose valuable cards this way!
Perfect Fusion
The secret to Perfect Fusion is simple: Level your cards first, then fuse them!
Perfect Fusion is a long and hard road, but if you achieve it, your card will be much stronger than the cards of your opponents. The power difference in Attack and Defence rating can be up to 30%!
Every level you gain with a card adds to its power, and if you fuse two card that weren't at maximum level, you are losing out on power. 
Fuse responsibly!
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