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Every card in Evoker has the same layout.
Card Name
The card name shows the Fusion Stage of the card. Every Fusion Stage is marked with a + after the card name. This way, you can quickly see the Fusion Stage of a card. Every card can only have a maximum of four Fusion Stages.
Card Faction
On the top right, each card has an assigned faction.
The main factions are: Dwarves (Green), Elves (Blue), and Orcs (Red)
If you have three or more cards of one faction and no card of another main faction in your active battle, your maximum life will be increased by 15%.
The fourth faction are the Neutrals (Yellow). 
You can mix these cards with faction cards and still receive the faction bonus. If you only use Neutrals, you won't get a faction bonus.
The different rarities in Evoker are:
  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Heroic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Orange)
  • Ultimate (Red)
Level & Level Progress
At the bottom of each card, you can see the card's level progress bar and the maximum level. At every Fusion Stage, the maximum level of the card is increased. Cards with higher rarities can reach higher levels.
Attack, Defence & Ability
Every card has an Attack and a Defence rating, while cards with 0 attack cannot attack at all. When you level and fuse your cards, your Attack and Defence rating will greatly improve.
Abilities can do many different things in Evoker. If the ability comes with a specific number (heals for X, X% bonus damage), that number can also be improved by improving your cards.
Attack & Effect Directions
The red indicator on each card shows its attack direction. The card's Attack will be split onto the number of targets it attacks. If the card has 9000 attack and attacks in three different directions, each opponent will receive 3000 damage.
Other colours can indicate buffs and other effects. If a heal or buff targets more than one card, the amount healed will also be split onto those cards, unless noted otherwise.
Mana Cost
The blue indicator shows the Mana cost of the card. The sum of the Mana cost of all your cards determines the cost it takes to attack another player. If the Mana sum of your deck is 55, attacking a player costs 55 Mana. 


Card Limit
The card limit set by the game is 60. After 60 cards, every card you receive as a reward from questing will be converted into Gold automatically.
If you buy new cards or complete cards with card pieces, you can exceed the 60 card limit.
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