How do Tournaments work?

Tournaments are player vs player competitions for up to 50 players, that run for 24 hours after the moment of creation.
The players with the highest score at the end of the tournament are rewarded.
Joining a Tournament is free.
There are three different Leagues. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Multiple Leagues will run at the same time - everyone can play.
Players start in the Bronze League
The Top 3 players of all Bronze Leagues are promoted to Silver League.
The Top 3 players of all Silver Leagues are promoted to Gold League. All other players in Silver league are demoted to Bronze League.
The Top 3 players of a Gold League stay in the Gold League. All other players in Gold League aredemoted to Bronze League.
This means that most players will start in Bronze League every day and try to fight their way back to the top.
You can join a Tournament at any time.
If there is an open Tournament that you are suitable for and it has more than 12 hours left to run, you will be added to that Tournament. 
If there is no open Tournament, a new Tournament will be created and other players will join your Tournament.
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