Card Shop & Tokens

The Card Shop lets you open cards from different kinds of Booster Packs.

Each Booster Pack contains nine cards and you can buy full cards one by one. You can open a new Booster Pack at any time.
Booster Packs cost different amount of Gems, depending on the rarities of the cards included. 
You can receive Tokens that grant you a free pick at a card from a specific Booster! Tokens are a random drop from quest rewards and level ups. They also come with special Promotion Packages.
There are three Main Packs and special Portal Packs that change depending on which Portal is open.
The Main Packs are: Neophyte, Summoner and Archmage
Neophyte Pack (50)
Always contains Uncommon and Rare cards.
Has a chance to contain a Heroic card!
Contains base set cards.
Summoner Pack (350)
Always contains Rare and at least one Heroic or maybe even Legendary card.
Contains base set cards.
Archmage Pack (975 Gems)
Always contains Rare and Heroic cards.
Has one guaranteed Legendary card in the Booster!
Contains base set cards.
Special Portal Packs
Contain mostly cards that are only available in the Portal pack.
Portal packs come in different varieties - discover each one of them!
Hint: "Guaranteed Legendary" means that there is a Legendary card in every Booster Pack. One of the 9 cards you can choose from is a Legendary, and if you open them all, you will get that Legendary for sure. It will not guarantee you a Legendary on the first pick!
Pack Strategy
If you know that you opened the best card in the Booster, just discard the rest of the booster, and open a new one!
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