Levels & Level-ups

Every level up in Evoker lets you distribute 12 points on three stats: Stamina, Mana and Health.

You start the game with 50 Stamina, 50 Mana and 1500 Health. 
Adding points to Stamina allows you to play more quests on the main map.
Adding points to Mana allows you to add higher Mana cost cards to your deck and to fight against more other players.
Adding points to Health increases your health by 30 per point.

The maximum level in Evoker is currently set to 200.

There is currently no maximum for Stamina, Mana or Health. It is up to you if you want to play more quests, play more against other players, or have a health pool that can survive a few heavy blows!
Every level up refills your Stamina and Mana and gives you a reward.
If you don't choose to distribute your points or if your game crashed during level up, it will be split equally on Mana, Stamina, and Health.

The Bonus section next to the stats is something we experimented with in an earlier version. It is just there because we didn't remove it yet and it does absolutely nothing :)

It is currently not possible to reset your stats.
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