Card Pieces

The Card Piece mechanic makes Player vs Player combat in Evoker unique.

Receiving Card Pieces
You will receive Card Pieces from boss fights on the quest map. The rarity of the card piece depends on the level of the quest you are playing. Higher quests have a higher chance to drop higher rarities.
Each rarity requires a different amount of Card Pieces to finish the card. Once you collect all card pieces, the card will be yours!
Card pieces required to finish a card:
  • Common (No Card Pieces)
  • Uncommon (2 Card Pieces)
  • Rare (4 Card Pieces)
  • Heroic (6 Card Pieces)
  • Legendary (10 Card Pieces)
  • Ultimate (Can only be found with Tokens)
You can have a maximum of 8 unfinished cards at any time.
Collecting Card Pieces
You can collect Card Pieces by winning boss fights on the quest map. This will sometimes give you a Card Piece of cards you already have, especially, when all your Card Piece slots are full. 
The main method to acquire card pieces is through the Arena.
When you select the Card Pieces tab from the Arena menu, you will see your unfinished cards. You can tap the battle button and a random human opponent that owns this Card Piece will be assigned to you. If you manage to beat him, you will receive the Card Piece and he will lose that Card Piece! Fighting for Card Pieces costs Mana. If you lose after attacking, you don't lose your Card Piece.
Losing Card Pieces
When you have a Card Piece and another player attacks you through the Arena Card Pieces tab and wins, he will steal that Card Piece from you!
Valuable Card Pieces will be stolen quickly, so either collect them or prepare to defend them with a strong deck!
While you are actively playing, other players cannot steal your Card Pieces when they attack you! Actively playing means spending Mana and Stamina - if you are just logged into the game, you will be marked as inactive after a while and your Card Pieces can be stolen!
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