Stamina, Mana & Potions

Evoker uses two energy systems: Stamina and Mana.

Stamina is used for all Quests where you fight the computer (PvE)
You use Stamina every time you tap a minion during the minion fights phase until you reach the boss fight.
After tapping 3-4 minions, you will receive a card or Gold as a reward. 
After a boss fight, you can receive Gold, Tokens, Potions, Gems or a Card Piece.
Mana is used for all Arena or Tournament fights against other players.
The Mana cost for each fight depends on your cards. The sum of all Mana costs of your active deck determines the amount of Mana it costs to attack another player. Using lower mana cost cards for your deck lets you attack more players. Balance your deck so you can win and fight a lot!
You may receive Potions as a reward for boss fights on the quest map, when levelling up, or through Tournaments. Potions can also be part of special promotion bundles or packs bought in the shop.
There are Stamina and Mana Potions that completely refill your Stamina or Mana.
If you attempt to use Stamina or Mana while not having enough to complete the action, the game will ask you to use a Potion.
In case you are out of Potions, you can purchase one new Potion for 40 Gems (20 Gems when there is a Potion Happy Hour).
You can not buy more than 1 Potion at a time and only when you are out of Mana or Stamina.

Stamina and Mana both recharge at a rate of 1/minute.
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