Android: Partial Progress Loss after updating to new version from Wednesday, July 19.

Dear players,

Please note the following article if you have experienced partial progress loss in Nonstop Knight on Android devices after updating the game to the version released Wednesday, July 19.

Be assured that our team is still investigating the issue at hand and is looking continuously for a lead on what caused this problem and how to fix it. Please allow us a bit more time for this. Once our investigation will progress, we will plan further actions accordingly. Of course, we will keep you informed about any update via our public channels.

Should you be affected by this issue, be sure to submit a ticket to our Customer Support including the answers to the questions you can find below. This information will help us immensely to investigate and solve the issue:

1.) Your 8 to 12-digit user ID (To find this ID, open the menu, then tap on MORE. The ID is located in the lower-right corner of the following screen).
2.) The rough date/time when the partial progress loss occured.
3.) A rough overview of what you have lost.
4.) Do you usually use Google Play to store your account progress?
5.) Do you play your account on more than one device?
6.) Did a account restore pop-up show up before the progress loss occurred?
7.) Did anything out of the ordinary happen before you stopped playing your last session on the old version (2.0.2)?

Our sincere apologies for any frustration. We are also sorry for any inconvenience that you are experiencing due to this issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Nonstop Knight Team.

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