Version 1.9.5: The Blacksmith

Dear Kings & Queens,

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Royal Revolt team would like to announce the upcoming 1.9.5 update that will go live within the next two weeks. In preparation of this update, we would like to give you a deeper look into the Blacksmith.

As soon as players have built a Forge (unlocks with Throne Room Level 4) the Blacksmith moves in. The Forge can reach level 11 at most.

Key Blacksmith benefits.

  • Melt down unused Hero-Items allowing you to earn Pearls in return, plus…
  • Upgrade and improve your favorite Hero-Items using these Pearls.

Meltdown Hero-Items:

  • The most important way to earn Pearls is to melt down Hero-Items you no longer need at the Blacksmith. You'll have to pay some Gold to the Blacksmith, but when the Blacksmith is finished melting down the Item, you’ll receive Pearls in return.
  • The amount of Pearls you get per item is dependent on the Gold value of that item.
  • The duration the Blacksmith needs to create one Pearl is mainly dependent on the building-level of the Blacksmith
  • Inside the Blacksmith building you can unlock new Slots, allowing you to meltdown more items at the same time. Adding slots will additionally speed-up the processing of the items inside the Forge (you will get Pearls faster) and it will increase the amount of Pearls you will get from an item you decide to melt-down.

 Upgrading Hero-Items:

  • When upgrading a Hero-item you can choose the Main-Stat or a Perk to improve when the upgrade succeeds.
  • There is a certain chance that an upgrade will succeed. The success rate is very high at the beginning and reduces with each successful upgrade.
  • After each successful upgrade the forged item needs to cooldown a bit, and thus cannot be upgraded for some time, however the improved item can be used in battle instantly.
  • The Pearl price for starting the upgrade-process depends on the Item-level and the amount of successful upgrades for this item.


  • With every 3 successful upgrades a Hero-Item reaches a new rarity level.

Level 1 - Normal Hero-Items (grey) – 0 stars.

Level 2 – Magic Hero-Items (green) – 1 star.

Level 3 – Rare Hero-Items (blue) – 2 stars.

Level 4 – Epic Hero-Items (purple) – 3 stars.

Level 5 – Legendary Hero-Items (golden) – 4 stars.

Level 6 – Uber Hero-Items (red) – 5 stars.


  • Uber-Items can be continuously upgraded, and the stats still will continue to improve, but they will not reach a new rarity-level.


  • Uber Items will always have 2 Perks.
  • The Uber-items introduce exclusive new Perks for your items 2nd Perk-Slot.
  • The Perks will be chosen randomly and each Perk can only appear on 2-3 Item types (e.g. Life Drain will mainly appear on weapons). Some Perks require a minimum Hero-level to appear. 

Some examples:

XP Boost (gain more XP during battles)

Hero HP-Bonus (your Hero has more HP)

Life Drain (for every hit your Hero does in battle, you’ll gain additional HP)

Farmer (your Food costs for battling are reduced)

Various Bonuses for Spells (increases the power of Spells)

Various Bonuses for Troops (increases the HP or Damage of Troops)

Small Changes:

  • IOS6: With the upcoming Version 1.9.5 we unfortunately cannot continue IOS6 support anymore. If you are still using IOS6 please update your device to a higher iOS version.


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

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